Taren & Wade at Stella Plantation

Over the river and along wild onions and Johnson grass on Rt 39, you eventually discover the Stella Plantation: a tucked away gem for hosting nuptials, receptions and celebrations alike.

Taren & Wade were met with a beautiful & humid Louisiana Saturday.  White chairs sat perfectly arranged under the aged live oak trees and plumosa fern atop the cypress table tops.  A traditional southern wedding to commence. A month later, and these two landed a spot in New Orleans Bridal Magazine.

Dress: MameMe Bridal | Photo: Mike Lirette | Florals: Mitch's  | Venue: Stella Plantation

Brides + Bouquets

Fun shoot with Chyna & Kylie styled by Wedding Belles! 

This bridal exploration challenged our traditional style while staying true to our premium white phales. Orchids make for great wearables in corsages, boutonnieres and hair pieces.

The large white orchid is a southern favorite,

as the small white blooms compliment any size wrist.

What style bouquet and design would you like to see from us this year?

We love hearing your feedback!

Mother's Day 2018

With over a hundred orders, deliveries, pickups and walk-ins, we wanted to share some of our favorite shots, blooms and designs from another awesome Mother's Day. 

We have the best customers in New Orleans!

Thank you for keeping us busy.

Stephanie Tarrant
Stella Plantation: Taren & Wade

April 28, 2018

A trip on the ferry and beyond wild onions and johnson grass sits the Stella Plantation.

This venue is simply stunning in its own right. The canopy of live oak trees make for the perfect nuptial celebration. Inside their versatile venue are custom cypress tables that capture the vibe of rural Louisiana while making way for a New Orleans night cap. 

Needless to say, we love it here. 

statement piece.jpg
plumosa garland.jpg
Stephanie Tarrant
Birthday Dinner at Dickie Brennan's

The Inner Circle Room

A tropical look with seasonal blooms. The tulip tree is unique and elegant with a pop of vibrant color. Heavy greenery including eucalyptus pods, sea star fern, ivy bush and leucadendron pods create an exotic look for a lower budget. 

Centerpieces add the perfect touch for an intimate night.

sword room 000.jpg
sword room 001.jpg
sword room 005.jpg
sword room 002.jpg
Stephanie Tarrant