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Monique Chauvin, Mitch’s Proprietor and Co-Owner of Oysteria
Growing up in South Louisiana with a large extended family, celebrations and parties were a way of life. From an early age, Monique took great pleasure in the festivities and loved honoring family members and friends.

That generous spirt that infused her childhood continues to shape Monique’s commitment to helping others realize the beautiful events they envision. It’s the kind of commitment you want when selecting a florist for weddings and truly memorable events.

Monique purchased Mitch’s Flowers in 1999 and has since turned it into one of the top floral design businesses in the city, even being named Top Florist by New Orleans Magazine in January 2010. Hard work, an artistic eye, and Monique’s warm heart have helped her to develop her acclaimed floral design talents, and to build a talented team of floral designers that encourage each other to grow.

That growth has been particularly evident in the Oysteria business that she and lead designer Leslie Massony Stidd launched. While taking pottery classes together, Leslie started creating oyster plates. As they applied their design talents, beautiful oyster plates developed which not only are visually pleasing, they withstand the rigors of cooking and cleaning and are true service ware.

The two are now partners in the Oysteria Plates and Accessories business which has been an immediate hit coveted by locals and fans across the country. Oysteria products are made and sold at Mitch’s Flowers and fine specialty stores in the region.

With Monique and her team, you can expect Mitch’s to continue to offer the prettiest flowers, superior design service and memorable gifts.

Leslie Stidd, Massony Lead Designer & Co-Owner of Oysteria
Is well known throughout the New Orleans community as a talented artist and floral designer. Having begun in the industry at age 6 helping customers carry their purchases from Weber’s Nursery, Leslie discovered that not only did she love art, but that she was blessed with a very lovely shade of green thumb.

Since then she has had a successful career as an all around-artist, having worked with top New Orleans decorators such as Vesta Fort, Gerri Bremmerman, and the design firm of Holden and Dupuy.

Leslie’s talents range from oil painting, pottery, artistic faux painting; floral design, interior decorating and interior styling; as well as food styling. Her work has been featured in several design books and magazine publications, such as Southern Accents and Glamour.

Leslie has also owned her own local flower shop, Uptown Flowers. After being a business owner, she concentrated on her career as an artist and freelance floral designer. It was after Hurricane Katrina that she and Monique bonded while both coming ‘home’ early to help bring New Orleans back, and started working at Mitch’s Flowers.

In addition to the success of the floral business, Leslie and Monique established Oysteria, Inc, an Oyster Plate and Accessories company in 2010. Leslie has had a long love affair with oysters, stating that being a real New Orleans girl, an oyster was her first solid food! And when she and Monique were asked to come up with a plate design for a gift …Oysteria, Inc. was born.

Although newly established, Oysteria products are now hot items in New Orleans, and are coveted by locals as well as fans across the country.